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My Home Page  - Song Su

Welcome home - to my home page, that is.  Stay awhile, enjoy the beautiful Chinese music. Remember to sign the guest book below.


My home  

My home

Come on in!

It's me!  

It's me

What do I like to do?

My trips

Here are some of the pictures I took during my trip to:

Paris and London (March 2002)
Japan. (June 2003)
Thailand (June 2004)
Hong Kong. (June 2004)
Rocky Mountain Canada (August 2004)
Orlando, Florida (December 2004)
Taiwan (March 2005)
Venice, Italy (June 2005)
Lake Tahoe, CA (December 2005)
7 day Caribbean cruise (April 2006)
Bryce Canyon & Petrified Forest (July 2006)
Mazatlan, Mexico (December 2006)
Skydive, San Diego (December 2006)
Myrtle Beach, SC (April 2007)Atlanta, GA (April 2007)
7 Day Alaska cruise (May 2007)
Puerto Vallarta Mexico (December 2007)

Acapulco, Mexico (May 2008)
Northern Europe 14 day cruise (August 2008)
Catalina Island, CA (September 2008)
7 Day Mexican Riviera cruise (April 2009)
7 day Yellowstone, Rushmore (July 2009)
8 Day Cancun, Mexico (December 2009)
14 day cruise Australia and New Zealand (January 2010)
17 day Europe trip to Swiss, Italy, Vatican, Monaco, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, Belgium & France (June 2011)
4 day Reno, Lake Tahoe, Sequoia (April 2012)
13 day Arctic Circle Cruise (June 2012)
3 day Grand Canyon West (August 2012)
14 day Panama Cruise (December 2012)
15 day tour Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (Jan 2013)
7 day West Coast Cruise (Mar 2013)
7 day Caribbean Cruise (Dec 2013)

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I work at East Los Angeles College and I work on computer network. I love my work, but I love other things too: swimming, skiing, hiking, listening to classical music and playing Ping-Pong (want to have a match? Send me e-mail! Here is the map to my house in Hacienda Heights).

I teach

Are you interested in taking my computer classes at East Los Angeles College? Don't bother waiting in lines at Admissions Office. Click here to enroll

CSIT 200 - Microcomputer in Business

CSIT 201 - Introduction to Computers

CSIT 233 - Microcomputer Database Programming

CSIT 257 - Introduction to Web Page Design


I graduated from California State University, Los Angeles (BS) in 1991 and my MBA degree at University of La Verne in March 1998.



The projects I have finished at East Los Angeles College 


Below is my games room. It contains links to over 75 of the best games and it automatically updates with the newest games! Most games require broadband connection.

Getting bored? Have nothing better to do? Come to and you'll find something interesting. But before you leave, please sign my guest book below.

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 And this is the story about the background music.



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