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Projects for East Los Angeles College -- by Song Su

over 40 projects have been created and still expanding...

My projects
AJ Enroll Admin of Justice, Admission This program uploads student records from Sheriff department to DEC after modifications. This includes enrollment, positive attendance and grade. It estimated that about 3,000 to 5,000 students records be processed each semester. It will expend to include District Attorney and Fire Department students later. This program is under construction.
Appointment Admissions Each student receives an appointment for registration. This application produces appointment, merges different semesters, takes out duplicates and those students that no appointment should be sent. This type of students includes students from Administrative of Justice, High school P.E. students and other special classes. It can also merge to get current enrollment and fee hold tags. This application saves the College about $30,000 per year in mailings by merging and eliminating records. This program uses downloaded files.
Attrition Report Academic Affairs Attrition is an indication of how many students remain in a class from the beginning of semester to the end of the semester. The attrition report is used to determine how effective departments are in retaining students over the course of the semester.
Bad Check Management Fiscal Checks are bouncing! Don’t worry. This application will record all the bounced check, from bookstore, enrollment fee, ASU account etc and send notice to the issuer to request cash payment. If you do not pay, it will report to COTOP (state agency) to deduct from your income tax refund or from your lottery winning if any.
Boise Item Price (BIP) Campus Wide View and search Boise Cascade items by product number or description. This program will automatically update whenever files from Trade-Tech are available.
Book Grant Bookstore, EOP&S EOP&S issues book grant and CARE grant. This application keep track of multiple purchases of grant students and let students know either how much left or how much to pay back. It prints receipts for students and reports to District. It uses database prepared by EOP&S.
Bookstore Operating System (BOS) Bookstore This program manages books, classes, publishers, instructors, orders, supplies, shelf tags, vendors, inventories, bar code etc. It uses downloaded file to check if instructors have turned in book requisite. 
Certificate Manager (CERT) Academic Affairs It records certificate issued by department and track certificate number if any. It also reports number of certificate issued in any given period by department.
Class Information System (CIS) Campus Wide This program will report all the sections offered for Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Choice of all, open only, closed only, canceled only, by department, South Gate class, selected instructors, classes with enrollment less than 15, summary reports, ranking by WSCH reports etc. This program uses daily downloaded data.
Community Services System (CSS) Community Services Community Services offer hundreds of classes and serve thousands of students each semester. This application manages all classes offered, instructors hired, student served. It can add and drop classes, prints receipts and rosters, produce open, close or canceled listing, mailing labels, income management, teachers' assignment etc.
Conference Attendance Log (CAL) Academic Affairs This program can keep track of all conference requests in different stages and report in any given period of time.

Corequisite Match System (CMS) CSIT & RT There is no easy way to catch student who failed to enroll co-requisite course. Student might not know the co requisite requirement, or my drop one of co requisite courses. Thanks to this program that it matches all students to print out reports by instructor. It uses download file.
Evaluator Academic Affairs This semester, instructors with odd employee number will be evaluated. Next semester, even number. Hourly instructors get evaluated every semester and there are many other variables as to who is to be evaluated. This program takes care of all with downloaded data and prints report to each department as to who should be evaluated.
E-Vote All the Students and Student Services Have you tried to vote electronically? Here at East Los Angeles College, we vote ASU once a year using computer network. Just punch in your SSN and candidate number. It prevents ineligible vote and fraud and produces result and statistics instantly. This application uses download student database.
Executive Budget System (EBS) Fiscal, Personnel, Academic Affairs, Admissions, Admin. Services, Student Services etc. It reports current year as well as previous year's budget and income items, grouped by program, object, activity or class code. It also reports employee accounts and salary accounts in different groups. Chart of account menu allows searching program, object, activity and class code. PAF menu allows personnel to record document received, sum all documents and compare with budget. Other departments can view PAF documents processed by searching SSN or name. This program uses downloaded data. Daily for budget and chart of account, monthly for employee and pay period for salary.
Professional Development Flex (PDFlex) Flex Day Committee Every instructor has to fulfill Flex Day obligations in order to get paid for the Flex Day week. Full time and part time instructors has different obligations. This program keeps track of each instructor's Flex Day hours and sends out notice to each instructor regarding his or her Flex Day status. This program uses downloaded file
Grade Prerequisite Application (GPA)  English and Math Departments English and Math have some classes need prerequisite. How does the department know who have met the prerequisite before semester starts? Load this application and everything is clear. This program uses downloaded student database.
Grade Change Petition (GCHANGE) Academic Affairs, Admissions When a student files petition, this program sends a notice to the instructor. If no response from the instructor in predetermined period, a second notice will be sent. After Academic Affairs' decision, a letter will be sent to student. It can generate pending list, by department, for any period of time.
Grade Exclusion Roster (GEM) Admissions Some instructors fail to turn in exclusion roster and grade roster before deadline. This program sends notice to delinquent instructors and lists sections and pages he or she should turn in. A report can be generated for Academic Affairs. This program uses downloaded files.
Grant Bookstore Process all other grants except EOP&S book grant and care grant. Any grant can be created on demand.
Health Check Health Center How does Health Center know if students are eligible to receive health care without DEC access (Health Center is prohibited from using DEC)? Student ID card is not reliable as student might get refund by dropping the classes. This program uses daily downloaded file and small utility to search all eligible students to receive health care.
High School Roster Physical Education P.E. Department enrolls about 3,500 high school students into the program. This application can print roster of these students based on previous semester database. It uses downloaded file.
Honor Listing Admissions Once a semester, eligible students receive Deans Honor or President Honor certificate. No one wants name to be printed with last name first in all caps. This program fixes names and deletes duplicates and print certificate in a nice looking format. It uses downloaded files.

International Student Program (ISP) Int'l Student Office A complete program to manage F1 student for course enrolled, GPA, fee paid, SEVIS, I-94 and all the rules to comply with the immigration.
Kiosk Info All the students, both on main campus and South Gate Student can check/print most recent 3 semesters' enrollment and grade. Also, student can find out current semester open, close classes by name search or section search. A PIN is required. This application uses daily downloaded student database and section database
Lab ID CSIT It's a pain to create hundreds of LAN use ID one by one for computer lab. This program uses downloaded file to create all user IDs all at once. It runs once per semester using downloaded file.
Lab Match CSIT All CSIT 201 students should enroll in CSIT 291 as well. Unfortunately there is no easy way to catch it. Student can enroll in 201 but not 291 or on waiting list in 201 but enrolled in 291. Thanks to this program that it matches all CSIT 201 with CSIT 291 and vise versa to print out reports by instructor. It uses download file.
LACCD User Campus Wide You may want to send e-mail to people district wide from home but you do not know their e-mail address. No problem. This application extracts all e-mail users district wide and uses a small utility to search anyone easily.
LOOP Bookstore Different departments go to bookstore to purchase supplies without paper work. This application keeps track of each person's purchase and bills each department later on.
New IDs Faculty Support Center Academic Server needs new LAN IDs for all the students each semester. This application serves as interim measure to create them. 
International Student Office International students are supposed to enroll 12 or more units each semester to keep the visa status. This application generates report and mailing labels for those who failed the requirement. It uses downloaded file.
Payroll Cards
Payroll Payroll Department creates more than a thousand cards and manually types names, assignment, duration, class code, account number, hours etc. It's very time consuming. With this application, all you need is to punch a button and it prints out nice looking labels to be fixed on the cards. It uses several downloaded files.
Personnel Assignment Salary System (PASS) Personnel Each employee has an assignment. Some have multiple assignments charged to different accounts. Some are permanent while others are temporary. How to avoid over/under budgeting? This program handles all of that.
 Phone Book Admin. Services This database keeps track of all names, department, extensions, voice mail records and produces both paper phone book and on-line phone book for quick searching.
Refund Bookstore When accepting refund, bar code is used to find books and prices. This application prevents double refund from student, generates reports for fiscal and prints out mailing labels for check refund. It uses download student database file.
Release Time (RTIME) Academic Affairs Each department chair needs release time based on several factors. This Release Time Calculator will calculate how many release time each chair deserves and generate report. A download file is used.
Reserve Match Academic Affairs Community Services Admin. Services All classes including community services have to be loaded into Reservit! program. Without running this program first, Reservit! might run into conflict. It tries to mach all building and room code and produces exceptional report.
Room Utilization Campus Wide How is each room on campus utilized in any semester? This program computes utilization by multiplying enrollment with hours and days for each section to get utilization numbers and rank them to create a report. It includes type of rooms, number of chairs and primary department as well. This application uses downloaded section database.
Schedule Distribution System (SDS) Bookstore and South Gate Class schedule is free to student. To prevent a student takes multiple copies, this program records the date a schedule is given and rejects additional request when student ID is scanned. This application uses downloaded student database.
Seniority Plus Academic Affairs This program will rank all hourly instructors by each subject based on code of class offered, class refused, class canceled, paid sick leave, whether if it's department chair etc. It keeps track of pending instructors as well.
Swap Meet Community Services We have swap meet every Sunday at East Los Angeles College. This application keeps track of vendors' information and licenses, spot assignment, prints receipts and send report to the state for audit.
Teacher Label Academic Affairs Academic Affairs periodically send mails to instructors. This small application uses downloaded file to create mailing label and list.
Time Observation System (TOS) Learning Center, CSIT lab, SAILS lab, Office Admin., and South Gate lab. This program will record students time spend in the lab, report by all records, sections or individual student. It can also upload data to DEC for enrollment as well as positive attendance. More than 2,000 student records are uploaded each semester for Learning Center alone. It uses downloaded student database and section database each semester.
Traffic Violation School (TVS) Community Services Do you get a traffic ticket? Come to our Traffic Violation School at Community Services. This program keeps track of each student's violation record, certificate issued, and it prints receipt and reports.
Window Scheduler Admissions Say that Admissions want to have 6 employees station Window 1 from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm and all 6 people have to work in equal length of time. It's a pain to calculate manually. For this scheduler, it so easy. All you need to do is to input beginning and end time for the day and names of the employees. It calculates who starts and stops at what hour and everyone works equal length.

Downloading and Uploading Schedule
Automatic and manual download/upload make those projects live..
Files Description Frequency
D95Ennn Class Section  Daily
DF9901X Student Eligible for Health Services Daily
F0001Ennnn Current and Last year's budget Daily
Ab_program_code Ab_object_codes
Chart of Accounts Daily
D465_nnn Student enrollment & grade Daily
Matched/Unmatched Salary distribution 3rd week Monday of each Pay Period
Instructors(First Init.)
Instructors(First Name)
3rd week Monday of each pay period
B1905_E Employee records 1st of each month
D9950 Non-Resident Students On demand
1st Exclusion Roster 
2nd Exclusion Roster
Grade Roster
Once a semester
Once a semester
Need to request
S054 BIBO Upload Enrollment Beginning of month
S055 BIBO Upload Positive Attendance End of each semester
Dean's Honor List
President's Honor List
End of Spring/Fall semesters
Other downloads For special projects On demand

Online Forms
More than a dozen great templates save a lot of time...
Category Forms
Academic Syllabus
Admission Scheduler
Bookstore Consignment, Requisite
Budget Adj-1111, CBCA, CBCA-sfp, NF-12
Financial Aid Loan
Equipment Equipment
Services Key Request, Phone Request
Time Sheet Classified Time Sheet, Hourly Time Sheet
Travel Mileage, Travel