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All the training and exams are conducted through MyITlab. Check the system requirement here. Trainings are unlimited tries and do not count toward your grade. Scheduled exams do count toward your grade. If you are running MyITLab from home, make sure you run One-Step Installer & Launch Tool once to install necessary files. If you run myitlab at ELAC labs, it is setup for you already.

To register your myitlab account, you need:

The exams are scheduled during the scheduled period. You can start any time during this period. Once you started, you have to submit within 90 minutes. If you don't submit by the deadline (11:59p PST on the due date), you will not see your grade. You usually need much less time than that if you've done good during the training. So practice the training part over and over again until you are good at it. You should see your grade immediately after you submit on time. If you don't see your grade, email me immediately. Here is the support link in case you need it.